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6Pot System with 47L Plastic Tank

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Versatile irrigation system Autopot 6Pot System with 47L Plastic Tank .Passive automatic irrigation for 2 plants in coconut, clay or hydra.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Self-watering passive system for a space of 1-2 m2. Autopot 6Pot System with 47L Plastic Tank makes it easy to grow almost all plant species. Thanks to regularly dosed nutrition they do not need almost any supervision. The efficiency of the system is that Autopot doesn't need switches or pumps, just no electricity. Efficiency is again that you don't have to water and care every day. Hydra cultivation and coconut or soil substrates are really easy thanks to the AQUAvalve valve. The valve always opens when connected to the tank and fills the bowl under the pot to a height of 20 mm. As long as the plants do not consume watering using the root system, the AQUAvalve valve will remain closed. Only when all the dressing has disappeared from the bowl, the valve opens again and the bowl fills up so that the plants do not dry. Could it be easier?

Recommended substrates and ratio:

  • soil + ceramic mixture 50/50
  • soil + perlite mixture 50/50
  • coconut / perlite 50/50 mixture
  • coconut + ceramic mixture 50/50
  • rockwool + ceramic 50/50


6Pot System includes:

  1. 1x 47ltr tank, lid & 6mm top hat grommet
  2. 1x 6mm in-line filter
  3. 2x 6mm in-line tap
  4. 3x 6mm cross connector
  5. 6x 1Pot trays & lids
  6. 6x 15ltr pot
  7. 6x AQUAvalve
  8. 1x 6 metres of 6mm pipe
  9. 6x marix disc
  10. 6x root control disc

If you want to use clay in pots, rinse it thoroughly to prevent the sediment from clogging the valve. Only use high-quality clay and substrates always light and airy. Place the tank at least 150 mm above the highest AQUAvalve valve. Refill it when 1/3 of the original volume in the tank drops. The universal system can be easily expanded with 1 or more pots with fully compatible accessories.

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