NFT Gro Tank 150, 185,5x100x15cm

Gro Tank 150 recirculation system for hydroponic plant growing. Constant nutrition and oxygen supply directly to the roots. NFT system for 15-25 plants.

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NFT Gro Tank 150, 185,5x100x15cm

The largest NFT Gro Tank recirculation system with dimensions of 185.5x100x15cm is designed for efficient cultivation of a maximum of 25 plants. The very successful Gro Tank irrigation system ensures continuous nutrient transport to the roots. The pump is continuously in operation and depletes a nutritional solution from the tank into the groove. From there the solution flows slowly down the roots and the plant can take the nutrients it needs. The rest of the dressing, which is not immediately consumed by the plant, is returned to the tank and the process is repeated.


  • Low operating costs with minimal energy consumption
  • The purest form of hydro cultivation, you don't need any substrate, just rockwool
  • It ensures optimal and constant plant feeding
  • Bare roots have constant access to oxygen and this promotes their explosive development
  • There is no malnutrition or plant oversaturation
  • Root system without molds, diseases, parasites and weeds
  • Up to 4 times more harvest than conventional soil or substrate cultivation
  • Very easy to assemble, easy to handle and trouble-free to use
  • Millions of satisfied hobby and professional growers around the world
  • Compatible with all hydroponic fertilizers
  • Tank capacity 85 liters
  • Tank dimensions 185,5x100x15cm
  • Intended for 15 to 25 plants

The NFT Gro Tank 150 Recirculation Irrigation System by British Nutriculture consists of a tank, a tray, a top tray, a nonwoven fabric, a pump, a distribution system. The package includes  instructions.



The unique NFT (Nutrient Film Téchnique) method is based on the requirement to supply plants with nutrients and oxygen through the roots whenever they need them. The main advantage of NFT irrigation technology is that the nutrient solution is constantly present around the roots of the plant in a thin layer. The consistently circulating nutrient film, together with the constant intake of oxygen, guarantees optimal development of the root system and the entire plant. More than 40 years of experience confirm that growing with NFT irrigation systems can be up to 4 times more successful than growing in soil or substrate.

Only plant well-rooted plants into the system. Rockwool cubes are suitable. Protect the roots from light, be sure to check the EC watering values regularly. Take into account that larger plants will need support to grow straight.

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