POWER Grow Reverse Osmotic Unit, 500L / day

Reverse osmosis Powergrow500 eliminates up to 99% of chlorine, 95% salts and heavy metals and other impurities. Stabilizes the pH. Power: 500L / day.

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POWER Grow Reverse Osmotic Unit, 500L / day

The Powergrow500 Reverse Osmosis System is designed to purify water from salts, heavy metals, and chemical impurities. By means of water pressure, the water is filtered through a semipermeable membrane without using electricity.

Unlike conventional filters Growmax because this sophisticated system can filter out 99% of chlorine addition also 95% of the heavy metals and salts. Furthermore removes nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, sediment, dirt, dust, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic contaminants (chemical contaminants, benzene compounds, toluene, oils, detergents, THMs, PCBs). Of course also eliminates mechanical impurities up to a size of 5 microns. The result in the form of clean water is essential for good nutrition of plants grow and bloom.


  • it strengthens growth and is essential for the proper development of healthy and strong plants
  • stabilizes the pH
  • allows 100% use of fertilizers
  • maintaining a suitable environment for beneficial microorganisms, bacteria and fungi in the root system and the cultivation substrate, being harmful chlorine
  • it is also necessary for a truly clean and quality organic fruit and vegetable cultivation

The Powergrow500 Reverse Osmosis Main Unit consists of a supply hose with a hose connector, a sediment filter, a carbon coconut carbon filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, a pressure gauge, outlet tubing and a tap. Never use hot or dirty (more than 550ppm) water. Do not use where water pressure is greater than 5kg / cm2. Replace filter cartridges every six months. Please refer to the manual for detailed instructions.


Performance: 500 liters per day / up to 21 liters per hour

Recommended water temperature: 25 ° C

Recommended water pressure: 3-5kg / cm2

Recommended water quality: less than 550 ppm

Lifetime: 4-6 months



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