AN - pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Part B

pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Part B is a part of two-component nutrition and will keep the pH of your nutrient solution stable within a range optimal for nutrient uptake for one week.

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AN - pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Part B

Through this fertilizer, plants grow healthier and more vital, producing from 40% of the yield more than with other fertilizers. Fertilizer Connoisseur Grow works on the principle that it is improved in every ingredient, every piece of the machine and better supports each small step leading to a more successful harvest. Individual components are selected from very high-quality sources.

Connoisseur Grow brings: more yield, stronger aroma, healthier appearance, maximum potency, higher and easier to receive nutrients.

Connoisseur Grow contains the amino acids essential for building proteins, which participate in cell metabolism, cell division and other processes during the growth. Each of the micro and most Macroelements is present in the fertilizer in the form of chelates, which are easier to access to the plant.
Connoisseur Grow has a steady pH through technology that monitors the pH of the grout and prevents fluctuations. It is called pH Perfect technology, and is based on the exact proportion of phosphorus, which the plant needs during the growth of power, and of nitrogen and potassium, which again requires more.


Warning when using Connoisseur Grow:
This fertilizer is not suitable for growers who do not grow for at least a year.

Use Connoisseur Grow B:

  • Stir 4 ml / l of water and add during the entire growth phase,
  • 2 ml/l for small plants with max. four leaves,
  • 1 ml / l for cuttings and seedlings.

Shake thoroughly before use

Composition Connoisseur Grow B:
N 1 %, P2O5 2% , K2O 7% , S03 1,5 %

NPK: 1-2-7

Attention: This is a 2-part fertilizer. We recommend using both parts together. 

Additional parameters

Category: AN - Main fertilizers
Stages of growth: Fertilizers for growth
Supplements for Plants: Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Nitrogen (N)
Type of fertilizer: Fluid

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