Homebox Ambient grow tents

Ambient removable floors series

HomeBox’s Ambient grow box series is composed of durable canvas, incredibly reflective mylar, and heavy-duty metallic support. The mylar plays a dual role reflecting the maximum amount of light on each plant while reducing thermal discharge that can be detected from outside sources. All grow boxes from the Ambient series are light proof and even come with removable floors for rapid cleanup.


Homebox Ambient R120, 120x90x180cm
Homebox Ambient Q60+, 60x60x160cm
€182,26 –19 %
Was: €182,26  (–19 %)
HomeBox Ambient Q300+ (300x300x220 cm)
HomeBox Ambient Q300+ (300x300x220 cm)
Stock in Europe
HomeBox Ambient Q240+ (240x240x220 cm)
HomeBox Ambient Q240+ (240x240x220 cm)
Stock in Europe
Homebox Ambient R80 S, 80x60x70cm
Homebox Ambient R240+, 240x120x220cm
€546,74 –8 %
Was: €546,74  (–8 %)
Homebox Ambient R240, 240x120x200cm
€506,24 –6 %
Was: €506,24  (–6 %)
Homebox Ambient Q80+, 80x80x180cm
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