Complete kits for indoor growing

Led grow kits (grow box kits with lights)

If you’re looking for the ultimate Indoor Grow Kit, then look no further than our massive selection that has everything from A-Z. We offer fully-customized Indoor Grow Kits that range from basic to outright professional. Our Indoor Grow Kits are aimed at those that want to streamline their operation and get straight to the fun part - growing. 

While some Complete Indoor Grow Kits offer a grow tent with LED lighting, others offer the works by containing controllers, CO2, large grow tents, high-wattage LED grow light systems, fans, ducting, and much more.

Aside from the sheer amount of included products in each kit, our Complete Indoor Kits are beyond affordable. It’s time to grow your own, and we’re here to make it happen at the best price.


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grow complete 93/159
grow complete 93/157
SP 3000 18995
The best complets Mars Hydro TSL2000 Quantum Board 18989
XS2000 THE BEST COMPLETS 90X90 18986
THE BEST COMPLETS 150x150 - EasyGrow S1000
€1 075,50
THE BEST COMPLETS 90X90 - EasyGrow S600 13781
Bonanza 035m2 G bars 150W
Bonanza G-bars 150W (0,35m2)
Pre-Order 7-14 days
PRO 600w + CO2 (120x120x200cm) 8769
PRO 400w + CO2 (100x100x200cm) 8766
PRO 2x600w + CO2 (120x240x200cm) 8763
PRO 250w + CO2 (60x60x170cm)
PRO 1000w + CO2 (150x150x200cm)
€1 041
MEDIUM 600w (120x120x200cm)
MEDIUM 400w (100x100x200cm)
MEDIUM 2x600w (120x240x200cm) 8748
MEDIUM 1000w (150x150x235cm)
Cannafest LED 1000w (150x150x220 cm) 8709
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