Secret Jardin Dark Propagator grow tents

Dark Propagator grow tent series

Secret Jardin’s Dark Propagator is the answer for those that need a dedicated room for seed germination, seedlings, and cuttings. Depending on the model, you can propagate up to 800 cuttings - which increases your efficiency and saves you money. Each Dark Propagator can easily fit anywhere - making them the perfect option when you require a degree of discreteness.


Secret Jardin DryIT 45
Secret Jardin DryIT 45
Stock in Europe
Secret Jardin Dark Propagator (120x60x190 cm) rev. 4.0
€235 –23 %
Was: €235  (–23 %)
Secret Jardin DryIT 90
Secret Jardin DryIT 90
Stock in Europe
Dark Propagator 90 R 4.0, 90x60x98cm
GreenHouse 70x70x70 cm rev. 1.00 (Cristal Room)
€108,70 –34 %
Was: €108,70  (–34 %)
Dark Propagator 120 R2.60, 120x60x120cm
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