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Apogee Instruments SQ-520 -measuring probe PAR/PPFD

Apogee Instruments SQ-520: probe for PAR / PPFD measurement, USB cable connection directly to a computer, suitable for measuring LED lighting, real-time measurement, supplied...

Code: AI-SQ-520
Apogee Instruments AL-100 - leveling board with spirit level

Apogee Instruments AL-100: leveling board with spirit level, attached to the substrate with the most accurate plane possible, includes a bubble spirit level, weight: 113 g,...

Code: AI-AL-100
Apogee Instruments AC-100 - USB communication cable

Apogee Instruments AC-100: USB communication cable to download data captured by handheld Apogee meters to a computer, supplied with software stored on a flash drive.

Code: AI-AC-100

Apogee Instruments MQ-500: professional PAR/PPFD meter, suitable for measuring LED lighting, LCD display, external probe, the ability to output data to PC, made in the USA

Code: 9974