Prima Klima is a leader in ventilation-based technology. They shine above the rest by offering state-of-the-art designs that produce efficient airflow that’s unrivaled. Adequate airflow in the grow room isn’t just another component in your grow room - it’s your crops’ life source.

Prima Klima offers a wide variety of fan options - all of which meet the needs of the most demanding growers. Choose from Prima Klima’s Blue Line and EC Fans.


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Fan Prima Klima PK100-2, 100mm, 160/280 m³ / h - 2-speed PK-100MES-2-EUP
Fan Prima Klima 150mm, 1100 m³/h - EC motor PK150-ECBLUE
Fan Prima Klima 200mm, 950m³ / h - 1-speed PK200-L
Fan Prima Klima PK250-XLE 1450m3/h, 250mm 14231
Fan Prima Klima PK250-A1 250mm
PK200 L 14222
Fan Prima Klima PK160-A 160mm - 680m3/h 1524
Fan Prima Klima PK160-L, 800m3/h
Fan Prima Klima BLUE LINE PK355/400mm, 4800m3/h 1586
Fan Prima Klima BLUE LINE PK300/315mm, 3200m3/h 1528

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