Greenception - GC LED Grow Lights

Greenception LED grow lights pack a powerful punch at the press of a button. Each of their incredible LED grow light systems contain onboard WiFi that creates a bridge between your phone and an app. The application enables you to do away with wasteful and expensive lighting controllers. 

You’ll have full control over the light output from GC’s LED grow lights by seamlessly selecting an option via Greenception’s app. Each of  GC’s LED grow light systems come equipped with industrial-grade COB LED chips, which means you’re plants are in for a real treat.


GC LED grow lights come in two models: bars and full-fledged LED grow lights. Bars are optimal for those seeking supplemental lighting or need a versatile piece of equipment. The LED grow light systems are plug-and-play when it comes to their initial setup. Regardless if you’re a commercial grower or small-scale cultivator, you’ll find the perfect LED grow light with Greenception.

Powerfull lighting, adjustability, heat reduction, and cheaper electricity bills - what more can you ask for? You’ll find all this, and more, with GC LED grow lights.


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