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Combined EC + pH meters


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11024 sada ec a ph metr v kufriku

This kit includes a waterproof digital EC and Ph meter with automatic temperature compensation.  

Code: 11024
Milwaukee KIT Martini meter

Milwaukee PH+EC KIT

Code: 8811
Milwaukee Combi pH EC TDS MW803 Waterproof
€192 –4 %

Combined pH / EC / TDS Smart Monitor MW803 with two-line LCD display. Measurement of pH, EC, TDS and temperature in a single tester.

Code: 8814
11105 prosystem aqua automaticky davkovac zivin standard
€1 679

Prosystem AQUA Automatic nutrient dispenser - standard

Code: 11105
11099 prosystem aqua automaticky davkovac zivin standard
€2 519

Automatic nutrient control and pH, ideal for hydroponics. It is able to apply different types of fertilizers individually or simultaneously and to regulate the pH of the...

Code: 11099

Spare electrode for Mi806, 1m cable.

Code: 1832
€272 –8 %

MW802 is a compact Portable Meter with a Faster Micro Processor.

Code: 1829
€453 –8 %

Combined Smart Monitor pH / EC / TDS MI806

Code: 1830
11015 milwaukee ma911b 2 elektroda pro ph monitor mc110

Milwaukee MC110 pH Monitor Replacement Electrode.  

Code: 11015
11012 milwaukee ma812 2 elektroda pro ec monitor mc310

Replacement Electrode for Milwaukee MC310 EC Monitor.  

Code: 11012
11009 milwaukee kufrik na ec metr mw302 a ph metr mw100

  This set for professionals includes a MW100 digital portable pH meter and MW302 EC meter.  

Code: 11009
€223 –7 %

Kit for pH and EC measurement, Milwaukee Combi KIT. Included is the Smart pH meter MW100 and EC Smart meter MW302

Code: 1833

Combined EC + pH

Simplicity at its finest. If you’re a grower that demands the best tools for growing plants indoors, then you need a combined EC and pH monitor. This dual unit contains a probe that offers insight into the two biggest factors for plant growth - EC and pH. 

By combining EC and pH meters into a single unit, you’ll spend less money. Aside from saving your wallet, a combined EC and pH meter increases your overall efficiency because you won’t need to fumble around with two separate units. We offer the best combined EC and pH meters in the industry that are perfect for both professional growers and small-scale cultivators alike.