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Water treatment


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Hydrogen peroxide 30% for system cleaning 1L

Hydrogen peroxide 30% - for system cleaning - 1L

Code: 8880

The water Ph 4, 7, 20 ml pH 4 - 7  

Code: 1856
Ah pH plus growth and flower 500ml

Ph - plus growth and flower - potassium hydroxide 30% - litre  

Code: 1853

Water Treatment

Not all water is created equal. You’ll come to find out this fact when using a pH meter or EC meter, but luckily, you can clean your water with simple-to-use water treatment products. Water treatment products are necessary when cultivating plants in indoor grow setups, such as hydroponics, soil, or aeroponics. 

Most plants have a specific range that they enjoy growing in, such as 6.5 for soil-based mediums and 5.5 for hydroponic-based mediums. Furthermore, water treatments can effectively reduce the concentration of detrimental salts within your tap water.