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Mars Hydro is a manufacturer known for its affordable and reliable product line. He started in 2009 as a tent manufacturer, but in 2012 they entered the field of LED lights with great success. In fact, Mars Hydro light was an iconic "spotlight" among the pioneers of this relatively new technology.

The balance between price and strength makes this brand the best choice for medium-sized growers. Their product range extends from basic starting lights up to 800 Watt interchangeable units, all manufactured with Epistar top LEDs, providing full spectrum.

Another interesting fact that makes this company stand out is the compact size of their units. Mars Hydro LED lights are small and have a relatively low temperature. This makes them ideal for small growing areas, increasing their popularity among newcomers. All Mars Hydro products come with a 1-year warranty.

Take a look at our extensive Mars Hydro LED product catalog to find the perfect light for your covered garden.


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