710W Greenception LED GROW GC-16 + dimmable set 4pcs

The GC clusters have been developed to serve as a direct alternative to currently available sodium vapour lamps. They deliver exactly the same crop yield whilst saving up to 40 per cent in energy. Both the amount of light and the colour of the light can be adjusted to suit a particular phase of the cultivation process. Efficiency has been increased considerably in our new LED cluster series. We only install the highest quality components: A highly effi cient full spectrum PAR LED COB chip is the key component of the lamps. This is supplemented by OSRAM and CREE LED chips.

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710W Greenception LED GROW GC-16 + dimmable set 4pcs

Greenception Cluster LED lamps are optimized for the application for the plant cultivation. Thanks to the square build, square surfaces are optimally illuminated and scattering losses are reduced. To be able to work without additional light in the plant cultivation, the Greenception LEDs are equipped with up to 8 different light colors. 

In detail those are the following: 

  • 380nm (UV-A, minimal amount to control the hormone balance - UV-A does NOT have an effect on the photosynthesis) 
  • 455nm (blue, important for the influence on the growth form - more blue produces dense plants) 
  • 630nm (red, important for the photosynthesis - more red results in more biomass) 
  • 660nm (dark-red, important for the photosynthesis and flower development - dark-red increases the biomass and accelerates the flower development) 
  • 720nm (Ultra-red, important for the flower development - speeds up the spreading of the blossom) 
  • 760nm (Infrared, minimal amount to control the hormone balance - does NOT have a direct effect on the photosynthesis) 
  • 6400k (cold-white to cover the basic load during the growth) 
  • 2100k (warm-white to cover the basic load during the blossom) 

The particularity of the Greenception LED bulbs is, that the mixing proportion is not fixed and can be modified by switching on or off the individual module-groups. Plant often need a different light mix during the growth phase than during the blooming phase (e.g. to achieve a denser growth). For this reason, 8 light colors have been merged in 3 different mixtures to modules. The center piece of each module is a high-efficient full-spectrum COB-chip. This features a color temperature of 3000k, which consists of several single chips and suits for all plants in all phases. 

The COB-chip has been developed for a maximum PAR per watt (photosynthesis active radiation). Completed is the COB by SMD-chips by Osram (red, dark-red, infrared) and CREE (blue and white). These additional chips convey the spectrum of the COB chips towards blue for dense, strong growth, or towards red for big, lush blossoms and fruits. They can be adjusted individually. 

Module details: 
The module groups can be switched individual as follows: 

  • Module I: growth 1x 64 watt (64 w) 
  • Module II: full spectrum 2x32 watt (64w) 
  • Module III: full spectrum 4x32W (128w) Module IV: Bloom: 8x 32 watt (256w) 

Full spectrum boost: 112 watt (continously dimmable)
Bloom spectrum boost: 78 watt (continously dimmable)

  • Module I is optimized for the growth phase. A relatively high amount of blue and white support a dense growth. 
  • Module II suits for the growth as well as blooming phase. Optimal plant light full spectrum. 
  • Module III suits for the growth as well as blooming phase. Optimal plant light full spectrum. 
  • Module IV is optimized for the bloom. A high portion of red and an additional infrared push. 

In comparison to many other LED lamps on the market, Greenception uses only chips from well-known manufacturers of the highest quality like Osram or Cree. This quality difference is clearly remarkable for the plants. 

We recommend the GS 16+ for a ground floor of max. 150x150cm 

Reasons for Greenception-LED vs. Sodium-vapor lamps: 

  1. - 40% less energy consumption for the same yields 
  2. - less heat 
  3. - no danger of burning or explosion 
  4. - healthier plants due to less stress 
  5. - more dense and stronger plants due to better light spectrum 
  6. - less follow-up costs due to longer durability 
  7. - environmental friendly 

Scope of supply (1pcs):

1 x LED-fitting
1 x cable
1 x Instructions 
1 x mounting (steel wire & snap hook) 



We recommend using GC-16 + for boxes up to 150x150 cm.

All products are shipped from the European Union. All lights have an EU plug, we only ship UK plugs to England and Malta.

Additional parameters

Category: GC SETS
Warranty: 2 years
Draw power: Up to 700 watt
Amount of cluster: 16
Number of levels: 4
Dimensions: 65,0 x 65,0 x 7,5 cm
Power consumption: max. 700 watt (incl. fan)
Power consumption in detail: - Full spectrum (2 cluster): 64 watt - Full spectrum (4 cluster): 128 watt - Full spectrum (boost): 112 watt - Growth spectrum: 64 watt - Bloom spectrum: 256 watt - Bloom spectrum (boost): 78 watt
Photon flow density PAR PPDF: approx. 2.100 µmol/m2 sec. (30 cm)
Corresponds to a 1000 watt sodium: vapor lamp
Light flow preservation: 80% after service lifetime
Operation temperature: min. -30° to max. 45°
Input voltage: AC85-264V
Voltage: 220 - 240V ~50/60Hz
Starting time, ignition time: - Angle of radiation: 90°
Operation time: 40.000 hours
Cycles of operation: > 50.000
Material: coated metal plate top, aluminum housing and hard plastic corners
Weight: approx. 17,4 kg

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