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Fan Prima Klima PK125EC-2 125mm, 220/360 m3/h - 2-speed+EC motor

Prima Klima PK125EC-2 is a small two-speed, highly efficient tubular fan. The device is quiet and energy efficient thanks to EC - Technology.

Code: 8946
Fan Prima Klima PK160-ECblue 160mm, 1180 m3 / h - EC motor

Prima Klima fan PK160-ECblue with EC motor and power control made for maximum optimization of costs / benefits.

Code: 8904
Fan Prima Klima PK160EC-TC 160mm, 1180 m3 / h - temperature control and min. speed, EC motor

Prima Klima PK160EC-TC is a small but highly efficient duct fan equipped with a premium ZIEHL-ABEGG engine with very low energy consumption.

Code: 8901

Prima Clima PK250EC-TC is a highly efficient tubular fan equipped with a premium ZIEHL-ABEGG engine with very low power consumption. The device is silent and energy-saving...

Code: 9114
Fan Prima Klima PK125-ECblue, speed regulator, 680m3/h

Powerful Prima Klima fan PK125-ECblue with EC motor and speed control 0-100%. Extended service life, reliable and extra quiet operation.

Code: 1588

EC Fans

Prima Klima’s EC fans are landmark inline fans that bring enhanced airflow, increased efficiency, and soundproofed operation. Thanks to their German engineering, the Ziehl Abegg motor lowers its energy consumption significantly. Prima Klima’s EC fans are heat resistant and incredibly durable, making them a must-have in any grow room.