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10649 agro sviluska stop rtd 0 5 l

AGRO Spider mite STOP RTD (ready to dilute) is a spray contact product with activity against spider mites (acaricide). Use is suitable for ornamental plants, tomatoes, peppers...

Code: 10649
10643 agro natura rock effect 100ml

Natural contact fungicide and insecticide Agro Natura ROCK EFFECT, spraying against pests, increasing the resistance and resistance of plants to pests (spraying on aphids,...

Code: 10643
10646 agro sviluska stop 0 4 g spray

Contact preparation with deep action against spider mites on pips, stone fruit, vines, ornamental plants and woody plants, etc. Long-term action (50-70 days); acts on eggs,...

Code: 10646
10640 agro mospilan 20 sp 1 8g

Systemically effective insecticide in the form of a water-soluble powder intended for the control of a wide range of animal pests in plant protection, in particular Colorado...

Code: 10640
10637 agro kuprikol 50 2x10g proti houbovym chorobam

Spraying fungicide in the form of a wettable powder to protect plants against fungal diseases (fungicide).

Code: 10637
10631 agro dithane dg neotec 2x10g

Contact fungicide in the form of dispersible microgranules with a broad spectrum of action against fungal diseases of field crops, fruit trees, vines, vegetables and ornamental...

Code: 10631

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