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Goggles Garden Highpro OWLSEN
Goggles Garden Highpro OWLSEN
Stock in Europe (> 5 pcs)

Garden Highpro OWLSEN goggles are specially designed to allow you to see your fruits in natural light and to reduce the light from HID and CFL growth lamps.

Code: 9339
Hose plug, diameter 20mm
Stock in Europe (> 5 pcs)

PLUG - hose clamp - diameter 20mm

Code: 2232
GH A 219
Humipro 4L ultrasonic humidifier
Stock in Europe (> 5 pcs)

Ultrasonic humidifer  HumiPro, 4L with automatic power control and remote control options. The double nozzle rotates in a span of 360 degrees. If you set the humidity to...

Code: 9131

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