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Mills Basis is your staple base nutrient, designed to optimize nutritional absorption throughout your plants growth cycle. Effective across a wide pH range, this highly...

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Mills C4 is a complex feed supplement comprised of nutrients, stimulants, minerals and carbohydrates. C4 promotes the production of natural oils and sugars in your plants,...

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If you live in a soft water area, your plants could be lacking Calcium and Magnesium. Customers using reverse osmosis (RO) systems will also have a deficiency in minerals and...

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pH down flower
Mills pH- Flower
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Mills pH supplement works to stabilize and optimize the pH levels of your plants irrigation water throughout the growing cycle.

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pH down growth
Mills pH- Grow
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We all know how crucial it is to get the pH of your nutrient solution at the perfect level for your plants to thrive, which is why Mills Nutrients bring to the market two...

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pH Up
Mills pH+ 1L
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pH+ keeps the pH value of irrigation water at an ideal level. Contrary to pH-, using pH+ is not dependent on which stage of its growth cycle a crop is in. pH+ caters to keep the...

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MILLS START-R (C4 500 ml)
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Mills Start is the perfect booster for seedlings and fledgling plants. This advanced bio-stimulant acts as a root stimulator and encourages the development of healthy branching,...

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Sample pack CO sm

Mills Starter Pack is perfect for growers looking to use the same range for all of their plants’ needs but they don’t need large amounts of product.

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The ‘Big finish’ for your plants. Specifically designed for use in the last 2 to 4 weeks, Ultimate PK has been extensively tried and tested so it gives your plants that extra...

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vitabrix 657x1024
MILLS Vitabrix 300 g
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Vitabrix organic silicon is an organic substrate enhancer. Vitabrix increases the absorption capacity of a plant’s root system. This in turn ensures increased absorption of...

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Continuing their innovating range of specialist products, Mills Nutrients have now released Vitalize, available exclusively from DNA Mills Ltd. This monosilicic acid bio...

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