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MyPot basic module
MyPot basic module
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The main component of the vertical modular MyPot system can accommodate a maximum of eight plants. The basic module is equipped with a drainage grid and four filters that...

Code: MP060101D1
MyPot separation module

The MyPot separation module allows you to create a free space between two other modules of the vertical system. It can also serve as a base. It measures 27 cm in height and 21...

Code: MP060102
MyPot tank with pump and float

The lower part of the modular MyPot system has a capacity of 14 liters. Vertical irrigation is provided by the supplied recirculation pump and the float is used for automatic...

Code: MP060112
MyPot Garden Tower 2
MyPot Garden Tower 2
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The MyPot Garden Tower automatic vertical garden is perfect for balconies and terraces, as well as gardens or indoor spaces. Easy year-round cultivation of vegetables, herbs and...

Code: MPGT2

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