Bonanza G-Leds 140 (0,35m2)

Bonanza mini growbox with LED grow light

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Bonanza G-Leds 140 (0,35m2)


Size (h x w x d): 176 x 61 x 61cm
Material: PVC/XPS/PVC sandwich panels
Surface ~0,35m2, space for 9 x 6,5 ltr pots, 4 x 11 ltr pots
Ventilation: Winflex 185M3 per hour, including silencer.
Filter: Prima Klima K2600 mini 240M3
Timer: Legrand Omnirex
Light: G-LEDS 140
Warranty: 1 year on all technical parts

Discover the new way of growing!

Bonanza G-Leds 140, complete grow box with led grow light

You can now order your complete grow box with led grow light, extractor fan, air filter and timer. All installated. Just plug it in and grow.
G-tools has put together it’s own line of led lights, G-LEDS. They are absolutely perfect for use in our cabinets. For the Bonanza mini serie we advise the G-LEDS 140. If you like a bit of extra power you can upgrade to the G-LEDS 280.

The intelligent way to grow

Growing with one of our G-LEDS has many advantages. It’s safecheap and productive.
It’s safe in a sense that G-LEDS are made of the best led diodes and are RoHS and CE certified.
It’s cheap in a sense that G-LEDS use minimal electricity.
It’s productive in a sense that G-LEDS will provide your plants with just the right light to ensure super yields.
Cree and Osram

The G-LEDS are composed of Cree and Osram 3 and 5 Watt led diodes. Both Cree and Osram belong to the worlds best producers of horticultural leds. Cree and Osram leds are characterized by their high photosynthetic efficiency. That is the leds produce a lot of absorbable light (PAR light).
So you’re not wasting precious energy on producing light the plant is unable to absorb.
Knowledge about light requirements of plants develops at a rapid pace. This knowledge plus the expanding technical possibilities make  growing with leds more and more succesfull.
With most modern led lighting systems the same results can be achieved as with conventional  lighting systems. But with using half the energy consumption.

Full spectrum

G-LEDS are build up of different coloured leds. Together they provide the complete light spectrum for the entire growing cycle. Led’s provide your plants with just the colours of light they need.
With simple switches you can add more blue, white or red light to the spectrum. This means that the G-LEDS can be used during each stage of the plant’s life. In the growing stage as well as the flowering stage.

Plug & Play

The Bonanza G-LEDS 140 grow cabinet is set up the same as the set-up with HPS lighting. The same ventilator, filter, air inlets, etc. as the HPS set-up. But with G-LEDS 140 grow light.
For an upgrade to the G-LEDS 280 we charge €180,- extra.
Regarding upgrades contact us and we will send you the invoice with your upgrades.
Our Bonanza led grow cabinets stand for years of productive, safe and hassle free growing.

Additional parameters

Category: G-TOOLS grow boxes
Warranty: 2 years
Growbox Type: Grow Cabinet
The size of the Growbox: Small
Growbox Width: 61cm
Growbox Depth: 61cm
Growbox Height: 119cm

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