CAN Original Filters

CAN Original Filters

One of the most popular carbon filters in the agricultural industry is CAN’s Original Filter series. CAN Original Filters perfectly blend performance and affordability - making these trusted products available to everyone.

CAN Original Filters feature 2.5” of packed carbon, all while reducing drops in pressure as air moves through it. The activated carbon comes in pelletized form, which secures it from falling through small spaces within the filter. When you need the cleanest air possible without a dent in your wallet - take a look at CAN Original Filters.


Filter Can Original 700-1000m3 / h - flange 200mm
Filter Can Original 250m3 / h - flange 125mm
Filter Can Original 1000-1300m3 / h - 200mm flange
Filter CAN-Original 700-900 m3/h, flange 160mm
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