Growing Chili with LED Grow Lights.

Growing chili plants using light emitting diodes (LED) offers several advantages to traditionally outdoor growing. Growing chilies requires a LED that has a broad-spectrum range of color that is able to accommodate the plant throughout all stages of growth. From germination and early growth stages, to flowering and fruit production, the spectrum of light emitted by Greenception LED GROW lights will allow you to grow the healthiest chilli plants possible. LED bulbs that include UV, blue, red, and white light in their spectrum are best suited, because they emit similar wave lengths of light that outdoor plants would receive from the sun in a natural setting. Being able to successfully grow chilies with an LED light allows you to cultivate and harvest year round, and frees you from the restrictions that outdoor growing faces.


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LED lights are better for growing chilies than HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights because they produce a broader spectrum of light, an essential part of a successful growth cycle. LED and HPS lights produce different spectrums of light, essentially the breakdown of colors that make up the light emitted from the bulbs. The spectrum produced from LED lights, has a specific range that is better suited to help in the development stages of the plant. The two most important stages of a chili plants life, the early development stages, and reproductive stages, are both targeted by the broad spectrum emitted from LED lights, which will in turn, lead to a healthier plant.


Temperature, in addition to light, is an important factor in growing healthy chili plants. LED lights do not generate the same heat as the natural light from the sun outside does, and it is therefore important to maintain a proper indoor temperature in order to allow the plant to bloom and successfully produce the fruit. Chili plant growing requires a temperature range between 22 °C - 28 °C. Temperatures that deviate too far from that range can result in either a slow or under developed plant, or a tired and leggy plant that is unable to produce.


Since LED lights do not generate the same heat as light outside from the sun, the soil that the chilies grows in will not dry out as quickly. It is important to not over-water the plants because it can lead to root rot and other diseases that can harm or kill the plant, or cause the blooms to drop before the fruits have had a chance to produce. Overall, growing chilies with the aid of LED lights allows you to grow beautiful fruit year round, and is an easy adjustment for anyone looking to extend the natural growing season.

Depending on the size of the area you are looking to grow within, different lights will work best. For a space of 60cm x 60cm, the 128W Greenception LED GROW GC-4 will be perfect for all of your growing needs and provides the perfect range of light to grow healthy chilli plants. 


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For a larger area, 100cm x 100cm, the 288W Greenception LED GROW GC-9 would be the perfect fit. Both LED lamp options are designed to provide the right simulated lighting environments as outdoor growing, but with up to 40% less energy than other options on the market. With either lamp, you will be able to grow and enjoy growing chillies all year.


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