EasyGrow S600 FullSpec.
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20 Optic LED 1481 FIN V1 1024x1024@2x
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Rope Ratchet 2pcs suspension system, load 50kg
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The Reflector 96 is the most cost-effective lights we offer for 2'x3' area. With reflector design, and upgraded 5w chips, as well as full spectrum, it can ensure your growing...

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KIND LED grow light2
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After years of rigorous research and development, the KIND LED grow light is complete, and it is a work of art. The K3 series LED grow lights are comprised of high powered, 3...

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Why are LED Grow Lights better than HPS

 Since they first appeared in the horticultural market, indoor LED grow lights have been steadily gaining in popularity among the growers. During the last 5 years, the advance in LED grow light technology was rapid. LED grow lights can now produce high-quality, intense light similar to that of traditional HPS grow lights, at half the energy cost!

HPS grow lights run very hot and need a lot of equipment and proper ventilation in order to minimize the risk of fire. On the other hand, quality indoor LED grow lights run quite cool, even after many hours of work. Also, they have lower operating temperature and energy consumption (up to 60% less than an equivalent HPS). Their efficiency means that they also have a longer lifespan: a good LED grow light will last for 50,000-100,000 hours of continuous use, while HPS grow lights will start deteriorating at about 2,000-3,000 hours.

Good indoor grow lighting is not just a matter of savings and efficiency. LED grow lights also produce a higher quality full spectrum of light, contrary to HPS units. It means that your plants can grow from seedling to flower without any other input of the grower!