OPTIC 8+ NextGen Dimmable LED Grow Light 550w (UV/IR) 3500k COBS 120 Degree Lenses

 Optic 8+ 500 watt dimmable COB LED Grow Light. Optic LED has now seamlessly integrated eight of CREE's highest yielding COBs (XLAMP CXB3590) with industry leading glass optical lenses to give you unprecedented light penetration.

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OPTIC 8+ NextGen Dimmable LED Grow Light 550w (UV/IR) 3500k COBS 120 Degree Lenses

Dimmable Optic 8+ Nextgen is for growers who want the very best results possible. The NextGen Optic 8+ is not only 50 watts more powerful but also more refined in every way featuring the best of the latest in quality high yielding LED technology that's proven to deliver industry-best results and making a major statement with your boutique bud. 

1 special feature that Optic 8+ Nextgen possess is Spectrum control, so whether you're in VEG or Flower you will have the control to add more Blue Light, Red Light, or White light from the 3 independent front-mounted dimmers. Spectrum control puts you in a very elite class of growers, so you have more precision control to recreate mother nature indoors. 8 of the most proven high yielding COB LED Chips the CREE Xlamp CXB3590 mounted with Soderless COB Holders and protected under a our biggest ever 120 degree Lenses. 

Coverage Footprint:

Flower Grow
120cm x 120cm (4' x 4')    120cm x 120cm (4' x 4')
150cm x 150cm (5' x 5') up to 190cm x 190cm (6' x 6')


Hanging Height : 

? Flower: 46-61cm (18"-24")    
? VEG: 61-76cm (24"-30")



Full Spectrum + UV & IR 

Spectrum for VEG - VEG Dimmer @100% & Bloom Dimmer @10% - only the COBS on. VEG Dimmer Controls the two 5000k COBs which gives you more blue light and two 3500k COBs. 

Spectrum of COBS only @ Full Power - Veg Dimmer@100%, Bloom Dimmer@100% & Bloom Enhancers Off. (Used in VEG & Flower)

Spectrum of Far Red Bloom Enhancers that include Ultra Violet & Infrared

Spectrum on OPTIC 8+ @Full Power - All 3 Dimmers @100%

The Spectrum for Optic 8+ is well balanced and tuned for the best possible crop quality and to be able run extremely high light intensities resulting in significantly higher end yields. This Chart shows the Spectrum when the light is at full power, however you will have Spectrum control and will be able to adjust the light adding either more RED light or Blue Light depending on what phase of the grow you are at. 


Bloom Enhancers:

? 16 x CREE XPE 660 nm Deep Red LEDs 
? 8 x CREE XPE 460nm Royal Blue LEDs
? 144 pcs Samsung LM301H 3500k
? 2 x Ultra Violet LEDs (Dim Purple LED)
? 2 x Infrared LEDs (Dim Red LED)


? CREE CXB3590 COBs: 120 Degree Wide Beam Glass Lens
? Samsung LM301H LEDS: 120 Degree Wide Beam Primary & Secondary Lens
? CREE XPE LEDs: 120 Degree Primary & Secondary Wide Beam Lens

3 Way Dimmability

VEG Dimmer: Controls 4 COBs: Two of the 5000k cool white COBs & Two 3500k daylight white COBs.
BLOOM Dimmer: 4 Corner COBs: Controls four daylight white 3500k COBs.
BLOOM ENHANCER Dimmer: Controls the bloom enhancer array.

Switch#1COBs ON/OFF (Turns all 8 COBs on)
Switch#2: Bloom Enhancer ON/OFF
Switch #1 & Switch#2: ON (Full Power)

Recommended for:

? Grow tents(4x4) (5x5) (8x8) (10x10) 
? Grow rooms (All Sizes)
? Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
? Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems



Additional parameters

Category: OPTIC LED grow lights
Warranty: 3 years
Replacement for: 1000w HPS
? What do you prefer?: Energy saving
Type of light spectrum: Full Spectrum
Controller Ports: Included
Cooling: 8x cooling fans, slotted housing & overbuilt Aluminum fin heat-sinks.
Dimensions: 72x72x13cm (28.5"x 28.5"x 5")
Dimming: 3 Way Dimmability
LEDs/ COB: 180 Total LEDs , 8 CREE Xlamp CXB3590 COB
Lifetime: 100000 Hrs
Max Power: 550W
Spectrum: 3500K
Weight: 22Kg
Yield: up to 2.5g/W

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