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Optic LED grow lights are for those that want to push their plants to the absolute limit. Each Optic LED grow light system boasts commercial-grade COB (chips-on-board) optics and upgraded heatsinks for a cool-running system. What do enhanced COB LEDs and improved heatsinks mean? Incredibly bright light and an LED system that produces very little heat.


Furthermore, Optic LED grow lights are full-spectrum, meaning they contain 3,000K-5,000K. These figures translate into a cool white and an orange/red light. This allows cultivators to grow from seedling to final harvest - all with the same light

This all-in-one LED brand significantly reduces your bills. You won’t need to purchase separate HID bulbs for the different stages of growth. You’ll cut your electricity costs in half while increasing the productivity of your crop. Lastly, upgraded heatsinks keep your LED grow light system running smooth and cool to the touch.

Optic LED grow lights blow away the competition with extensive light coverage and long-lasting LEDs. Optic LED takes the game further by introducing infrared and ultra-violet technology to mimic the Sun, which will make your plants grow like their on steroids. Expect the best when using Optic LED grow lights.


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